So Sensitive

Gracie Baron isn’t one to jump at shadows. After a car accident lands her in the hospital bruised and aching, she knows it’s time to face the truth. She has an enemy and they aren’t going to stop until she’s six feet under. Gracie is forced to turn to the only man she knows capable of handling such a deadly situation, but what price will she be forced to pay for her safety?


Private Investigator Wade Harrison isn’t about to get tangled up with his friend’s assistant. But seeing the headstrong woman broken and vulnerable doesn’t sit well either. The only thing to do is come to her rescue. First, she’ll have to agree to a few rules—not the least of which include being handcuffed to his bed and totally at his mercy.


Pleasure Bound

Private Investigator Jonas Phoenix has had a serious hard-on for Deanna Harrison. She’s his best friend’s little sister and there’s no mistaking the off limits vibe. Thing is, Jonas has never played by the rules and he’s not about to start now. Getting the alluring woman between the sheets is priority number one. A vacation in Miami, far away from big brother, is too tempting an opportunity to pass up.  Convincing the headstrong Deanna that he’s not the playboy she assumes? Now that’s a challenge he definitely can’t pass up!


Deanna has known men like Jonas all her life. Dating is a game and women are toys. They want one thing: sex and lots of it. She’s tired of men seeing her as nothing more than eye candy. She longs for a deeper, more meaningful relationship. But something about Jonas pulls at her. Is he as carefree as he lets on, or is there more to the fun-loving man than meets the eye? A weekend alone is her one chance to find out.


Naked Games

Dean Harrison enjoys women of all types, but he’s not looking for anything outside the bedroom. He’s been burned before. When Dean meets curvy Catherine Michaels he can’t seem to keep his distance. Suddenly, his number one objective is getting her tied to his bed. Teaching Catherine all about the dark pleasures of BDSM is just the beginning though. Once Dean’s had a taste of her succulent body, he wants more…


Just being around Dean causes Catherine’s body to burn with a fire she’s never before felt. Unfortunately her limited experience with the opposite sex hasn’t prepared her for a man of Dean’s extreme appetites. When he lets her know, in detail, exactly what he wants from her, she surrenders. But at what price?

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Hard to Get
Boxed set

November 22 2019

erotic romance--full length novels

1568200152268_Maddox Men of Silverlake.j
Men of silverlake, book 1

December 10 2019

contemporary romance --novel length

Repairing this house could cost him everything...


Maddox Stone's construction company is barely hanging on by a nail thanks to the new guy in town taking all his business. If Maddox hopes to save his company he'll need a lucrative job and fast. When Beth Donner hires him to remodel her grandmother's old Victorian he leaps at the chance. But it isn't long before his mind is on more than siding and shingles. Beth tugs at him in ways he's never felt before. But it's going to take all his patience to get past Beth's wounded heart. 


After Beth Donner is viciously attacked by a mugger that left her face scarred for life, her husband considers her damaged goods and dumps her. She’s more than ready to retreat from the pain of life. Inheriting her grandmother’s old mansion in the gorgeous town of Silverlake, Ohio seems like the perfect place to escape.


Her first order of business is to hire Maddox to restore the regal beauty. Having the rugged man around is doing wonders for her battered self-esteem, but there’s someone in Silverlake with a more sinister plan for her.


Soon, Beth finds herself immersed in a forty-year-old mystery, a very persistent ghost and a past that refuses to stay buried.


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The Zenarians, book 2

February 14 2020

paranormal romance -- novel length

Their love is against the law, but some laws are meant to be broken…


From the time he was big enough to hold a dagger, Kade was trained in battle. He’s a warrior for his people and second in line for the throne. His number one objective has always been to stand by his brother, the king, and uphold the six unbreakable laws. He knows the role he must play. That all changes the moment he meets the beautiful blue-winged Iris. Now Kade would fight an army to spend a single night in her soft embrace. But Iris is a member of the eucilii center—and totally off limits. Of course, that doesn’t stop him from craving her. Every second of every day.

Iris fell in love with Kade the first time their lips touched. His kind smiles and gentle caresses send shafts of pure pleasure through her. He treats her as if she matters. As if he wants her for more than sexual gratification. But as a member of the eucilii center Iris is forbidden to love another. Forbidden to ever seek a soulmate of her own. Her duty is to serve all of Zenarian society. It’s a great honor. But then why does her heart ache at the mere thought of Kade loving another?


When it’s brought to Kade’s attention that someone is abusing Iris, his rank in Zenarian society no longer matters. He will break every law to keep his sweet Iris from harm. Even if it brings about his own execution.


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Garrett Men of Silverlake.jpg
Men of silverlake, book 2

April 7 2020

contemporary romance -- novel length

Her writer's block never stood a chance...


After the sudden death of her mother, Camille Baker turns to the characters in her erotic romance books for solace. But when her writing begins to suffer from her despair, she caves to the demand of her best friend to take a break and heads to scenic Silverlake, Ohio. The peaceful small town is exactly what she needs to finish her latest manuscript. But there’s one kink, Beth’s gorgeous soon-to-be brother-in-law Garrett Stone. He’s not supposed to be part of her recovery, but when he expresses an interest in her steamy writing, Camille decides that maybe what she really needs is some hands-on research.

Garrett know his feelings for Camille borders on obsession. The pretty blonde with the gentle curves and ready smile intrigues the hell out of him. Damned if she’ll give him the time of day though. It isn’t until she drops a book outside the local diner that Garrett begins to see another side to the snarky, little beauty. A sexier side, if the erotic romance novel with her name on the cover is any indication. Soon, he’s nose-deep in the book and can’t seem to put it down. He’s especially drawn to all the passion-filled scenes that Camille has helpfully highlighted. Suddenly Garrett is considering doing a little moonlighting as Camille’s eager-to-please assistant.