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Men of Silverlake, Book Four

(connected to Dallas)

This year is sure to be her hottest Christmas yet...

Rafe Montgomery has one goal. Get the hell out of Silverlake before the annual Christmas bash. Everyone in town shows up to celebrate the festive holiday, including Zoe VanBurn. Rafe has fantasized about the cute brunette one too many times. But there’s a very clear hands-off vibe—thanks to Zoe’s big brother Ace. Still, the innocent smiles and teasing remarks she tosses his way are getting harder to ignore. Escaping to sunny Florida is Rafe’s only hope. So when Zoe shows up on the beach wearing a sexy red bikini, Rafe goes down like a sinking ship. Having Zoe in the tropical paradise away from big brother’s watchful eye? Yeah, that’s sure to spell trouble.

A twenty-four-year-old virgin and in love with a man who looks right through her. That’s Zoe VanBurn’s reality. In high school, she sat back and watched as Rafe flirted with other girls. Still, Zoe has kept hope alive because deep down she knows that Rafe belongs to her. They aren’t in high school anymore and Zoe isn’t the same shy girl she used to be. He might be running scared, but Zoe knows exactly what she wants Christmas…and she’ll use every trick in the book to get him!

Contemporary romance -- novella length

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Men of Silverlake: Book 5

She’s an introvert. He’s a player. Together they sizzle!

When Zander catches a sneak peek of his best friend Emma Payne nude his entire body stands at attention. The woman has curves. Full, womanly curves that he desperately wants to get his hands on. But casual, no-strings sex would ruin Emma and Zander’s not the settling down type. The solution? Walk away from her and their friendship. Hands down the hardest thing he’s ever done. Five years later and Emma is back—and looking hotter than ever. This time, Zander will do whatever it takes to get his friend back. And once he has her, he has no intention of letting her ride off into the sunset a second time.

Emma has secretly lusted after Zander Walters ever since high school. His deep voice and flirty grin do wicked things to her. Too bad he stuck her in the friend zone. Emma has very little experience snagging a man’s attention—and even less experience keeping it. When he dumps their friendship down the toilet, Emma is devastated. Years later—and with a bad marriage under her belt—Emma is no longer that same naïve girl. This time, if Zander wants her to be a part of his life, then it’ll be on her terms.

contemporary romance -- novella length

Thrill of the Chase Anthology


Loved by the Alpha: Cohen Pass Shifters, Book One


She’s not what he expected and everything he craves…


Mary lost everything after the sudden death of her sister. Sarah was all the family she had left. Heading off to a cabin in the woods was supposed to give her time to mourn in peace. She didn’t expect to meet Boone Hawk. He’s quiet and intense and way too dominating for her taste. So, why then is she lusting after the dark-haired loner? His gruff attitude ignites something deep inside of Mary. When he reveals that she’s his mate, that their fates are intertwined, Mary does the only thing she can and offers to call the poor guy a shrink. Too bad the cute ones are always crazy.


The instant Boone catches Mary’s scent, he knows the truth. She belongs to him. As alpha of his pack he’s expected to take one of his own kind as his mate, making the pack stronger. And bringing a human into his world? Yeah, that’s a shit plan. But the longer he spends in Mary’s company the harder it is to resist her innocent allure. Unfortunately she thinks he’s a lunatic. When the sweet and gentle approach doesn’t work, Boone drops the act and unleashes the animal in him.

Paranormal romance -- novella length

With Bated Breath Anthology


Devil up Close


To expose a madman, she’ll need to brave the darkness…

Jagger Hames is a bodyguard in high demand. He can pick and choose which of society's elite to protect. But when an old friend requests his help with his daughter's twisted secret admirer, Jagger can't say no. Even though spoiled rich girls aren't his shot of whiskey, Jagger will do anything for the man that pulled him off the streets and gave him a second chance.


Amelia hates Jagger on sight. The delicious biceps, sexy tattoos, and wicked grin are eclipsed by the enormous chip on the man's bronzed shoulder. But when a monstrous psycho promises to carve her heart out and hang it from his rearview mirror, Amelia is left with one choice: stay real close to the devil she knows. A sexy, foul-mouthed devil named Jagger...

Romantic Suspense -- Novel Length



Zenarians Series, Book Four


She awakens the beast in him…


Zadoc knew happiness when he met his beautiful Jasmine. His ofelia. His soulmate. She was his whole world. Only to have her ripped away from him when she was murdered during the war with the Mordaines. Her death was a knife to his heart. As a centuries-old Zenarian immortal, Zadoc is aware that he will never love another. Never feel the soft caress of a lover’s hands upon his wings. The physical scars he bears are a constant reminder of all that he’s lost. Until he meets Laura. Sweet, shy, and Earth-born. Her presence brings light and joy to his soul—and his creature isn’t immune to her innocent allure either. After so many years of cold emptiness, Zadoc will go to extreme lengths to keep Laura by his side.


Laura enjoys the simple life. A good book on a stormy night. Sunday dinners with her family. Her life is as modest as it gets and she’s happy with the status quo. When she meets Zadoc, co-owner of Zenarian Industries, she’s instantly drawn to him. His commanding presence and the deep, gravelly tone of his voice sends tingles of awareness along her nerve endings. Everything feminine in her stands up and takes notice. Until she glimpses the black wings sprouting from his back. Before she can wrap her mind around what she’s seeing, she’s kidnapped by a disgruntled co-worker and tortured, marking the beginning of Laura’s crazy adventure into a world she never knew existed.

Paranormal Romance -- Novel Length