The Zenarians: Book 3

She will test his allegiance…

As leader of the red guard, Dyre is aware that most Zenarians fear him. He’s often been forced to use that fear to uphold the six laws and protect the Zenarian race. With the rebel faction increasing their numbers every day, all his focus is centered on securing the mountain they call home from any and all threat. When he spots a human female much too close to their border, Dyre quickly captures her. His intention to interrogate the pretty brunette goes up in smoke the instant his wings encircle her small, curvy body. She stirs his creature. When Dyre notices the cuts and bruises littering her fair skin, he breaks protocol and brings her home.  


Jade is on the run from the law. Or more accurately, the law according to Granger Thane. As sheriff of Macone County, Granger has appointed himself judge and jury and everyone in town is too afraid to oppose him. When Jade turns down his marriage proposal, it sets off a chain reaction that forces her to flee to parts unknown. Imagine her surprise when she runs smack into a crimson-winged alien! His gentle touches ignite her blood and Jade wants nothing more than to surrender to the wildfire brewing between them. Still, Dyre is a man. And trusting a man is how she ended up falling down the rabbit hole to begin with. 

Dyre understands Jade’s apprehension, but he’s determined to prove that her heart is safe with him. When a member of the rebel forces kidnaps her, it enrages Dyre’s creature. Now, he will unleash the full force of his wrath on any who dares to harm his beautiful Jade.

paranormal romance -- novel length

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Jimmy's Oath

Saint's Investigations: Book 2

His to protect. Hers to love.


Private investigator Jimmy Saint has seen all sorts of depravities in his line of work. Not much shocks him anymore. When he receives a puzzling phone call from the elusive sister of a business associate asking to meet, he’s equal parts baffled and intrigued. When the curvy blonde explains that she needs his help stopping a dangerous stalker Jimmy’s more than happy to protect and serve. But the moment their lips touch, Jimmy knows he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe—preferably in his bed.


Ever since the nightmare of her sexual abuse came to light Lynn Reece’s brothers have kept her in an impenetrable cocoon of safety.  DJing under the stage name Impulse at a local club was a fun way to let loose until it becomes clear that she’s caught the attention of a twisted creep. Thankfully, the tall, sexy owner of Saint's Investigation comes to her rescue. His wicked grin sets her blood on fire. For once, Lynn doesn’t panic at the thought of being in a man’s strong embrace. Now, if only she can manage to stay alive long enough to explore her newly awakened libido.

***Bonus Story: Mac's Vow, Saint's Investigations: Book 1***

contemporary romance--novella


Men of Silverlake: Book 4

He won’t stop until he’s tasted every inch of her…

Ruger has been half in love with Melanie Stone since the first moment he saw her at a high school dance. All the dirty things he’d like to do to her has kept him up at night. But Melanie is his best friend’s baby sister. There’s a code about sisters. Hands off. He’s been a good boy and salivated over the smart-mouthed beauty from afar. All that changes when Melanie is assaulted and left for dead in a dark alley a thousand miles from home. Seeing the confident, independent woman so broken tears Ruger up inside. Knowing how easily he could’ve lost her changes everything. Now, he will move heaven and earth to help her recover. No matter the cost. And he will never let her go.


As a young girl, Melanie had a crush on her brother’s dark, brooding friend, Ruger. Now that she’s older and wiser, the crush has turned into a full-blown fixation. Too bad she’s nearly invisible to the big idiot. The only thing left to do is leave town. She’s always wanted to explore the world. Maybe the distance will even make her forget about dark-haired hunks with silver eyes. When she’s attacked outside a bar one night, Melanie is forced to come back home and recover. When Ruger shows up at her door with a tube of icy hot ointment and an ornery grin offering to be her very own physical therapist, Melanie’s inner bad girl sits up and takes notice. No way is she passing up the chance to get the biggest bad boy of Silverlake between the sheets!

contemporary romance -- novel length

Her Christmas Bad Boy

All I Want For Christmas Anthology

Men of Silverlake: Book 5

(connected to Dallas)

This year is sure to be her hottest Christmas yet...


Rafe Montgomery has one goal. Get the hell out of Silverlake before the annual Christmas bash. Everyone in town shows up to celebrate the festive holiday, including Zoe VanBurn. Rafe has fantasized about the cute brunette one too many times. But there’s a very clear hands-off vibe—thanks to Zoe’s big brother Ace. Still, the innocent smiles and teasing remarks she tosses his way are getting harder to ignore. Escaping to sunny Florida is Rafe’s only hope. So when Zoe shows up on the beach wearing a sexy red bikini, Rafe goes down like a sinking ship. Having Zoe in the tropical paradise away from big brother’s watchful eye? Yeah, that’s sure to spell trouble.


A twenty-four-year-old virgin and in love with a man who looks right through her. That’s Zoe VanBurn’s reality. In high school, she sat back and watched as Rafe flirted with other girls. Still, Zoe has kept hope alive because deep down she knows that Rafe belongs to her. They aren’t in high school anymore and Zoe isn’t the same shy girl she used to be. He might be running scared, but Zoe knows exactly what she wants Christmas…and she’ll use every trick in the book to get him!

contemporary romance -- novella length

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