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Men of Silverlake, Book Six

(connected to Garrett)

She's an introvert. He’s a player. Together they sizzle!


She’s his best friend in the world. He’s told her things he wouldn’t dare tell anyone else. Zander Walters knows damn well that he’d be lost without Emma. But when he catches the shy librarian in a swimsuit down by the lake with her nose stuck in a book parts of his body stand up and take notice. Her sexy curves go on for miles. But Emma is too sweet, too innocent for a man like him. So, he does the right thing and walks away. From her. From their friendship. All of it. Zander is forced to watch from afar as Emma marries another man. His one shot at happiness goes up in smoke--until one amazing day when he learns that she’s filed for divorce. Now Zander will move heaven and earth to have Emma all for himself.

Shy librarians don’t get the hot guys on motorcycles. Emma Payne knows that fact all too well. Tell that to her libido though. Zander has the deep voice and flirty grin that sends most women into a tailspin and Emma is no exception. Unfortunately, the big jerk shoved her into the friend zone years ago and she’s been firmly planted there ever since. Then out of the blue, Zander cuts her from his life entirely, leaving her utterly devastated. Fast forward five years and Zander is suddenly back. And he’s looking at her as if she were a tasty dessert. His sensual gaze is the stuff of fantasies, but does Emma dare risk her heart…again?

contemporary romance -- novella length

Still the One

Goodbye, Doesn't Mean Forever Anthology


Men of Silverlake: Book 7

He won’t stop until he’s tasted every inch of her…

Ruger has been half in love with Melanie Stone since the first moment he saw her at a high school dance. All the dirty things he’d like to do to her has kept him up at night. But Melanie is his best friend’s baby sister. There’s a code about sisters. Hands off. He’s been a good boy and salivated over the smart-mouthed beauty from afar. All that changes when Melanie is assaulted and left for dead in a dark alley a thousand miles from home. Seeing the confident, independent woman so broken tears Ruger up inside. Knowing how easily he could’ve lost her changes everything. Now, he will move heaven and earth to help her recover. No matter the cost. And he will never let her go.


As a young girl, Melanie had a crush on her brother’s dark, brooding friend, Ruger. Now that she’s older and wiser, the crush has turned into a full-blown fixation. Too bad she’s nearly invisible to the big idiot. The only thing left to do is leave town. She’s always wanted to explore the world. Maybe the distance will even make her forget about dark-haired hunks with silver eyes. When she’s attacked outside a bar one night, Melanie is forced to come back home and recover. When Ruger shows up at her door with a tube of icy hot ointment and an ornery grin offering to be her very own physical therapist, Melanie’s inner bad girl sits up and takes notice. No way is she passing up the chance to get the biggest bad boy of Silverlake between the sheets!

contemporary romance -- novel length

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