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Zenarians Series, Book Five


He’s a savage immortal alien with a single goal. Her.


Pain and isolation are all that Orion has known since the moment of his birth. Cast out by his father, King Arlias, for being a quad-wing and forced to live apart from his brothers, he’s learned to trust no one. Until he sees her. His beautiful Ella. Her pretty wings the shade of dark caramel tugs at the creature in him, and in an instant he knows she’s his ofelia. His soulmate. But his happiness is shattered when his father captures Ella, defiling her and leaving her without the will to live. Ella’s death splits Orion’s mind in two, nearly destroying his sanity. Until the innocent touch of his niece changes everything. Her gift of seeing the future offers Orion the smallest spark of hope. His Ella is alive. Now, his only purpose is to find her and remind her who she truly is.


Lost and found. Like a puppy. It’s humiliating to have a brain that won’t work properly. Amnesia, the doctors say. Her memories will return, but until then Jane has no choice but to rely on the kindness of strangers. She’s grateful to Clarissa for taking her in and giving her a safe place to recover. Or at least it was safe, until the giant winged-alien shows up at their door to interrogate Clarissa. The handsome man with the silver hair and raven-black wings tugs at her. There’s something familiar in the way he watches her, but her fascination is interrupted when the radical group calling themselves Heaven’s Army bursts in and kidnaps her and Orion. Does she dare trust the big scary Zenarian to save them both or is she leaping from one terrifying scenario to another?

Tempted by the Wolf

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Cohen Pass Shifters, Book Two


Rejection. Aerie knows too well what it feels like to be unwanted. Not worthy of love. Even her parents left her for dead. She’s grateful to the Hawkes for taking her in. Giving her a place in their pack. Their family. They mean everything to her. Did she set out to fall in love with Mio? Hell no. He’s obnoxious, condescending, and treats her like a little sister. And Aerie doesn’t feel at all sisterly toward him. And even though she knows Mio is her mate, getting him to admit it has proven impossible. Maybe it's time she let her wolf out of the cage and show the big idiot what he’s missing.


The savage side of Mio is ready to drag Aerie off and claim her properly. Unsheathe his claws and rip the clothes from her delectable body. But she’s his sister. Okay, maybe not by blood, but it still feels wrong to fantasize about her. He’s kept his hands to himself. Done the right thing. Until he sees Aerie with another beta. With her heat cycle approaching, Mio has one choice. Let another wolf tend to her needs or step up and claim his mate.

Paranormal Romance -- Novella Length


Jimmy's Oath


Saint's Investigations, Book Two


Private investigator Jimmy Saint has seen his fair share of the uglier side to human nature. Not much surprises him anymore. But when he gets a puzzling phone call from the elusive sister of a business associate asking to meet, he’s equal parts baffled and intrigued. When the curvy blonde explains that she needs his help stopping a crazed fan Jimmy’s more than happy to protect and serve. But the moment their lips touch, Jimmy knows he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe—preferably in his bed.  

Since the nightmare of her sexual abuse came to light Lynn Reece’s brothers have kept her in an impenetrable cocoon of safety.  DJing at a local club was a fun way to let loose until it becomes clear that she’s caught the attention of a twisted creep. Thankfully, the tall, sexy owner of Saint's Investigation comes to her rescue. His ornery grin turns her on. Unfortunately, Lynn panics at the slightest touch from a man. But Jimmy is a patient man and has a few inventive ways to get her past her fears. Now, if only she can manage to stay alive.

Romantic Suspense -- Novella Length


The Dirty Series, Book Three


Leather, lace, and mistletoe…


The shy and awkward Phoebe Martin is nothing like the women Dax normally dates. He enjoys them flirty and cooperative—and naked. But Phoebe’s buttoned-up attitude and disapproving glare turns him on. Go figure. When he overhears her agonizing over a work Christmas party—where she’s required to dress as an elf and bring a date—Dax steps up, more than eager to be her very own Santa.


Phoebe is fed up with aggressive men. She vows the next guy she dates will be the quiet, mild-mannered type. Someone who doesn’t give her ulcers. Is that so much to ask? Then the drool-worthy Dax Hale rides into her life on his sleek black motorcycle, sending her blood pressure skyrocketing. When he offers to be her escort for her boss’ holiday bash, Phoebe can’t say no. She needs him. But will Dax be her savior or her downfall?

Dirty Santa

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