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The Zenarians: Book 1


They're from different worlds. And they're about to collide...


Callie Wilson has exactly what she’s always wanted. A luxury apartment with a terrific view of the city. The coveted position as CEO of her father’s billion-dollar health supplement company. She’s worked hard and it should make her feel as if she’s on top of the world. It’s all finally paying off. Too bad she’s more alone and depressed than ever. When a handsome silver-haired stranger shows up at her apartment and kidnaps her to bring her before his king, Callie’s first instinct is to escape. Until she meets said king. He’s the biggest, sexiest dark-haired man she’s ever met. And he just happens to have wings. Like the big, badass kind of wings. Is he an angel? If so, she’s definitely going to hell because her thoughts are anything but pure.


The Zenarians arrived on Earth eleven hundred years ago when a warring race of predators invaded their home world. They’ve lived in secret ever since. As king of the Zenarians, Zar’s first priority has always been the well-being of his people. When it becomes clear that they’re in dire need of a new form of genetically modified ginseng—and the only company selling the product has just taken it off the market—Zar makes it his number one priority to rectify the situation. Zar knows that Callie is the key to achieving his goal. When he meets the blonde beauty face-to-face he’s drawn to her in a way that sends his libido into overdrive. For the first time in Zar’s life, he puts his own needs before that of his people. And he needs Callie.

The instant Callie strokes Zar’s wings a change comes over the silver-eyed king. Now he’s talking about soulmates and claiming she belongs to him. Her brain is telling her to run, but her body isn’t in a listening mood. And it isn't long before Callie surrenders, body and soul.  

paranormal romance -- novel length

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