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With Bated Breath

A Romantic Suspense Collection


Devil up Close


To expose a madman, she’ll need to brave the darkness…

Jagger Hames is a bodyguard in high demand. He can pick and choose which of society's elite to protect. But when an old friend requests his help with his daughter's twisted secret admirer, Jagger can't say no. Even though spoiled rich girls aren't his shot of whiskey, Jagger will do anything for the man that pulled him off the streets and gave him a second chance.


Amelia hates Jagger on sight. The delicious biceps, sexy tattoos, and wicked grin are eclipsed by the enormous chip on the man's bronzed shoulder. But when a monstrous psycho promises to carve her heart out and hang it from his rearview mirror, Amelia is left with one choice: stay real close to the devil she knows. A sexy, foul-mouthed devil named Jagger...

Romantic Suspense -- Novel Length

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