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So Sensitive

Gracie Baron isn’t one to jump at shadows. After a car accident lands her in the hospital bruised and aching, she knows it’s time to face the truth. She has an enemy and they aren’t going to stop until she’s six feet under. Gracie is forced to turn to the only man she knows capable of handling such a deadly situation, but what price will she be forced to pay for her safety?

Private Investigator Wade Harrison isn’t about to get tangled up with his friend’s assistant. But seeing the headstrong woman broken and vulnerable doesn’t sit well either. The only thing to do is come to her rescue. First, she’ll have to agree to a few rules—not the least of which include being handcuffed to his bed and totally at his mercy.

Pleasure Bound

Private Investigator Jonas Phoenix has been in lust with Deanna Harrison since the first time he met her. She’s his best friend’s little sister and there’s no mistaking the off limits vibe. Thing is, Jonas has never played by the rules and he’s not about to start now. Getting the alluring woman between the sheets is priority number one. A vacation in Miami far away from big brother, is too tempting an opportunity to pass up.

Deanna has known men like Jonas all her life. Dating is a game and women are toys. They want one thing: sex and lots of it. She’s tired of men seeing her as nothing more than eye candy. She longs for a deeper, more meaningful relationship. But something about Jonas pulls at her. Is he as carefree as he lets on or is there more to the fun-loving man than meets the eye? A weekend alone is her one chance to find out. But will she be able to walk away with her heart intact?

Naked Games

Dean Harrison enjoys women of all types, but he’s not looking for anything outside the bedroom. He’s been burned before. When he meets curvy Catherine Michaels he can’t seem to keep his distance. Suddenly, his number one objective is getting her tied to his bed. Teaching Catherine all about the dark pleasures of BDSM is just the beginning though. Once Dean’s had a taste of her succulent body, he wants more…


Just being around Dean causes Catherine’s body to burn with a fire she’s never before felt. Unfortunately her limited experience with the opposite sex hasn’t prepared her for a man of Dean’s extreme appetites. When he lets her know, in detail, exactly what he wants from her, she surrenders. But at what price?

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