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No Turning Back

Man-Maid: Book 1

Sometimes you fall in love, sometimes you run smack into it...

Jensen Kershaw is bored. Over a six-pack, Jensen and his buddies come up with the not-so-brilliant idea of opening their own house-cleaning service. Just as things begin to take shape, Jensen is literally knocked off his feet by a gorgeous blonde intent on saving him from a runaway truck. When he learns his savior is none other than the artist known as a Picasso with motorcycle painting, Jensen’s even more intrigued. No way in hell can he keep his distance now.

After Marquetta Hayes’s college professor boyfriend turned out to be married, she swore off sexy charmers altogether. Her brothers worry about her emotional distance, but the only way she can get through the day is to sink herself into her graphic designs at her family’s custom paint shop. Then Jensen Kershaw all but falls into her lap, turning her world upside down with his cocky attitude and sinful glances.

contemporary romance -- novel length

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