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Touching Lace

The friend zone is about to go up in flames.


Lacey Vaughn has reached her breaking point. She’s tired of being dumped on by men and it’s time to get help—in the ways of seduction, that is. When Lacey shares her worries with her pal, Nick Stone, he offers to give her a few pointers in certain…areas. But from Nick’s first touch, Lacey forgets all about lessons. All she can think about is more.


Nick is tired of being in Lacey’s friend zone. He’s wanted her for months, and he’ll do anything to have her. Including offer to give her lessons to help her snag another loser in a long line of losers. But maybe, just maybe, if he puts it all on the line, he can make her see that another option is available…

Touching Lace 3D.png
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