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Loved by the Alpha

Cohen Pass Shifters, Book One


She’s not what he expected and everything he craves…


Mary lost everything after the sudden death of her sister. Sarah was all the family she had left. Heading off to a cabin in the woods was supposed to give her time to mourn in peace. She didn’t expect to meet Boone Hawk. He’s quiet and intense and way too dominating for her taste. So, why then is she lusting after the dark-haired loner? His gruff attitude ignites something deep inside of Mary. When he reveals that she’s his mate, that their fates are intertwined, Mary does the only thing she can and offers to call the poor guy a shrink. Too bad the cute ones are always crazy.


The instant Boone catches Mary’s scent, he knows the truth. She belongs to him. As alpha of his pack he’s expected to take one of his own kind as his mate, making the pack stronger. And bringing a human into his world? Yeah, that’s a shit plan. But the longer he spends in Mary’s company the harder it is to resist her innocent allure. Unfortunately she thinks he’s a lunatic. When the sweet and gentle approach doesn’t work, Boone drops the act and unleashes the animal in him.

Paranormal romance -- novella length

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