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Rider's Kiss 3D.png

Rider's Kiss

Nerdy girl next door meets silver-tongued country boy...


Caterer Victoria Kiss has always been the “just friends” girl. She’s never had the opportunity to play the alluring siren. When her friend Reena talks her into getting a makeover, Victoria’s suddenly getting some attention from the opposite sex. But she’s only interested in one man—high school crush Rider James. When he strolls back into town, Victoria finally sees her chance to be the sexy temptress for a change.


Successful businessman Rider James is back in Summit Green to open a new branch of his auto repair service. He never expects to run in to Victoria. He barely recognizes the alluring brunette as the same clumsy, introverted Vic from high school. Her warm smile always drew him, but Victoria was too innocent to play around with—then. Now Vic is all grown up, and Rider is finally able to make his move.

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