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Men of Silverlake: Book 2

She wanted a weekend of solitude, then Dallas Montgomery happened.


Financial analyst Cindy Ashworth hits rock bottom at work and in her personal life. The best way to recover is to head back home to Silverlake, Ohio for a weekend at her best friend’s cabin in the woods. When her ornery pets inadvertently lock her out, Cindy knows a whole new low. The temperature is rapidly dropping and she’s wearing nothing but a towel and her birthday suit. Terrific. In comes her high school crush Dallas Montgomery to save the day. The teenage boy she remembers has grown into a tall, muscular blond god and he’s more than eager to warm her up.


Dallas should be ashamed of himself for taking advantage of the sweet and vulnerable Cindy Ann. She came home to nurse a wounded heart and to hell if he wants to be the rebound guy. Still, her fiery red hair and voluptuous curves suck him in like a bee to honey. No way is he about to let her ride off into the sunset a second time without first getting a taste.

contemporary romance -- novel length

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