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Men of Silverlake: Book 5

She’s an introvert. He’s a player. Together they sizzle!

When Zander catches a sneak peek of his best friend Emma Payne nude his entire body stands at attention. The woman has curves. Full, womanly curves that he desperately wants to get his hands on. But casual, no-strings sex would ruin Emma and Zander’s not the settling down type. The solution? Walk away from her and their friendship. Hands down the hardest thing he’s ever done. Five years later and Emma is back—and looking hotter than ever. This time, Zander will do whatever it takes to get his friend back. And once he has her, he has no intention of letting her ride off into the sunset a second time.

Emma has secretly lusted after Zander Walters ever since high school. His deep voice and flirty grin do wicked things to her. Too bad he stuck her in the friend zone. Emma has very little experience snagging a man’s attention—and even less experience keeping it. When he dumps their friendship down the toilet, Emma is devastated. Years later—and with a bad marriage under her belt—Emma is no longer that same naïve girl. This time, if Zander wants her to be a part of his life, then it’ll be on her terms.

contemporary romance -- novella length

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