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Haley's Cabin 3D.png

Haley's Cabin

Even good girls want to be a little naughty sometimes...


Haley Thorne is still a little raw from her nightmare of a marriage that ended in an ugly divorce. Her friends are intent on fixing her up with Mr. Right, which she doesn’t want anything to do with, and her job as a software programmer is a never-ending string of code. When her doctor tells her it’s time for a break, Haley takes his advice by retreating from the world and going to her cabin in the woods.


Just when Haley starts to relax, sexy police detective Jeremy Pickett shows up at her door. Suddenly, what she should do and what she wants to do are not at all the same thing. This time, the levelheaded Haley vows to toss caution to the wind and have a little fun—handcuffs and all!

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