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Try Me

**Previously Published***

Freelance photographer Lily Justice has admired the younger, hard-bodied owner of Wolff’s Body Shop from the safety of her living room window. She’s watched him riding his motorcycle and fantasized about all that delicious muscle and shiny metal. But it isn’t until she ends up needing his capable hands to fix her fender that she gets an up-close look at the scrumptious man. After years of marriage to a man who viewed her as nothing more than a nuisance, Lily isn’t too keen on relationships with the opposite sex. Especially when they’re ten years younger. Keeping her hands to herself though? Yeah, so not an option!

Kyle Wolff has more than body work in mind when he sets his sights on the delicate little Lily. He’s ached for the petite brunette for years. Now that she’s a free woman, he’s ready to make his move. With soft touches, gentle kisses, and an entire night with nothing to do but play, he’ll do exactly that. The deeper connection the instant he witnesses her pleasure—at his hands—comes as a welcome surprise. But Lily’s fear of love is holding her back. Kyle can be very determined when he sees something he wants though…and he wants Lily.

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