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"This story had every thing I like : humor, some action and angst, hot sex, sweet romance, and a well thought worldbuilding."--read the full review here.

The Zenarians are a race of winged immortals from a far off planet known as Zenaria. When the Grasheem invaded their world, the war that followed resulted in the deaths of thousands. Forced to flee their home, the Zenarains settled on Earth. They have kept their species hidden from humans--until now.

Six Unbreakable Laws:

1: No harm to women or children


2: No one leaves the mountain without the King’s consent


3: No mated pairings between Zenarians and the Mordaines


4: Unmated males and females are permitted sexual interaction with a member of the eucilii center only 


5: Members of the eucilii center are prohibited to have a mate

6: An attack on a member of the royal family is punishable by death

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