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Men of Silverlake: Book 3

Her writer's block never stood a chance...


After the sudden death of her mother, Camille Baker turns to the characters in her erotic romance books for solace. But when her writing begins to suffer from her despair, she caves to the demand of her best friend to take a break and heads to scenic Silverlake, Ohio. The peaceful small town is exactly what she needs to finish her latest manuscript. But there’s one kink, Beth’s gorgeous soon-to-be brother-in-law Garrett Stone. He’s not supposed to be part of her recovery, but when he expresses an interest in her steamy writing, Camille decides that maybe what she really needs is some hands-on research.

Garrett know his feelings for Camille borders on obsession. The pretty blonde with the gentle curves and ready smile intrigues the hell out of him. Damned if she’ll give him the time of day though. It isn’t until she drops a book outside the local diner that Garrett begins to see another side to the snarky, little beauty. A sexier side, if the erotic romance novel with her name on the cover is any indication. Soon, he’s nose-deep in the book and can’t seem to put it down. He’s especially drawn to all the passion-filled scenes that Camille has helpfully highlighted. Suddenly Garrett is considering doing a little moonlighting as Camille’s eager-to-please assistant.

contemporary romance -- novel length

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